Why should you TRANSFORM with TannenbaumTech?

Many people think using technology in the classroom is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Using technology in the classroom is all about the opportunities it gives both students and educators.

  • Transform your classroom with sticky technology experiences!

  • Discover an easy and meaningful approach to using digital tools every day!

  • Empower you and your students with technology!

TannenbaumTech Keynote Offerings

Based on Debbie’s book, TRANSFORM: Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky, this keynote focuses on:

  1. Discovering “ TRANSFORM” tech tools that offer your students new and innovative ways to learn

  2. Implementing these tech tools to focus on creation and to promote student agency

  3. Empowering yourself using technology tools to make your professional learning sticky.

TannenbaumTech Breakout Series and Sessions

Amplifying Thinking Routines with Technology Tools

  • Learn about the impact of Project Zero’s thinking routines

  • Discover when and how using technology tools can amplify the use of these routines.

Empowering Creation with the 3 Cs

  • Learn about Debbie's essential 3 Cs for Creation- Choice, Collaboration, and Clickable

  • Discover how these 3 Cs can help you have a more creation centered classroom.

Creating with Littles

  • Discover easy ways to promote student agency.

  • Learn ways digital tools can provide our students amazing opportunities to create.

Empowering Student Voice with Technology Tools

  • Discover easy ways to use technology tools to give your students opportunities to share their voices in interactive ways.

Planning with INTENT

  • Discover how to use Debbie's signature technology integration framework: Planning with INTENT .

  • Collaborate with Debbie to transform one or more of your lessons using this framework

Reach Beyond Your Expectations Using Social Media

  • Learn how developing a social media presence can add to your professional growth

  • Discover ways to grow using resources available in social media.

Discover and Tech Up Your Math

  • Discover ways that you can create transformative learning experiences in math by promoting ways that students can visualize the math concept in a way not possible without the technology and using multimodal learning.

  • See how technology tools like Gizmos, Flipgrid, and Pear Deck can help you tech up your math instruction.

Transform and Tech Up Your Math

  • Transform math experiences by promoting ways that students can visualize the math concept in a way not possible without the technology and empowering our students to interact with their classmates' math thinking.

  • Leave with ideas and resources that you can use tomorrow to tech up your math using programs like Wixie, Desmos and Flashcard Factory.

Debbie offers both full and half day live packages, in addition to several virtual options. Her series and sessions can be customized to meet your school or district's unique needs.

To set up a time for a complimentary consultation where we can determine what best meets your needs, please complete this form.

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Check out what teachers from Freeport School District shared after their TannenbaumTech sessions this summer.

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Upcoming Presentations

  • Teach Better Conference (Akron, OH)

      • October 14th: Creating Better with Littles at 10:30 AM EST

  • Tech Up The Math with Wixie (Virtual)

      • October 19th: 7 PM EST

  • GaETC 2022 (Atlanta, GA)

      • November 3rd:

        • Tech Up Your Math at 9:45-10:45 AM

        • Empowering Your Littles to Create at 12:15-1:15 PM

  • Common Ground MD 2022 Conference (Ocean City, MD)

      • Featured Speaker: November 17th-19th

      • Tech Up The Math, Amplifying Thinking Routines Using Technology Tools and Empowering Our Littles to Create

  • TCEA 2023 (San Antonio, TX)

    • Monday, January 30th: Empowering Littles to Create 11:30 AM- 1 PM CST

    • Tuesday, January 31st: Tech Up The Math 8:30-10:00 AM CST

    • Thursday, February 2nd:

        • Amplifying Thinking Routines using Technology Tools at 8:30-9:30 AM CST

        • Empowering Creation with the 3 C s at 12-1 PM CST