An unexpected break from the norm...

When I woke up the morning of May 18th,  I knew there was no way that I could handle going to school that day. Using big time teacher determination, I had pushed myself to go in the day before.  To say that I felt awful is an understatement. To be honest when I took the home COVID test, I didn't think it would be positive. I had felt crappy the past couple of weeks and tested negative, why would today be different? But it was- I had COVID for the second time- and during my birthday week! Ugh!

Giving yourself grace...

Spending not only my birthday, but also my book birthday, on May 20th in isolation was not what I had planned. I was so disappointed, but knew that there was nothing that I could do besides rest and get better. Since then, much like the last time I had COVID, the road back was slow. You might have noticed that I haven't blogged in a month, sent out my weekly newsletter, or tweeted much.  

I needed to give myself the time and grace to get better. Even when I returned to work the following week, I would return home each evening exhausted. I just didn't have the mental bandwidth to do much besides my day job. Everything else needed to go on the back burner for a while.

Getting Back to Normal...

Today is our students' last day of school and this is the first morning that I have woken up in almost a month feeling that spark that I needed to blog. I was so excited to open up a new page and start writing. As I have written about several times, blogging is self care for me and I can't wait to get back to it and rebuild my #momentum.

What's Next for TannenbaumTech?

As I close out the 2021-2022 school year, I am continuing to explore opportunities for the future to level up and do what I love. I hope to share more of these plans soon. But here are some pretty amazing highlights of what's to come this summer!

On June 18th: I am honored to be presenting two sessions at the PBS NC Early Education Summit in Charlotte, NC. This free conference looks amazing and I can't wait to get back to presenting again!

ISTE 22 Live Plans...

My schedule for ISTE 22 Live keeps getting more and more full. I am so honored to get to share what I love at this amazing conference. I am also so grateful to be attending ISTE with a phenomenal group of educators from my district, Fairfax County Public Schools!  Check out my sessions to the right. With presenting at 4 playgrounds, one poster session and one virtual session, I will be one busy lady there! If you are attending ISTE, find me and get some stickers too!

What Else is on the Horizon this Summer?

After ISTE, my virtual presentation schedule is pretty busy in July. My month starts with a Pear Deck Summer Academy webinar on July 5th.  Afterwards, I am thrilled to be presenting 4 sessions at TeachTech 2022 Virtual on July 8th.  Mid-July, I am presenting one regular session and one poster session for EdTech Global 2022. Then, I am ending the month with some virtual presentations. On July 26th, I will be presenting 2 virtual workshops for Lodi School District in California. Then to close out the month, I am presenting one virtual session for Virtual DLC in Texas. Wow, I am so excited about these opportunities to share what I love.