Two Years In: Reflecting  from March  2021 to March 2022

Two years ago, the world shut down and in many ways, it changed forever.  A year ago today, I wrote a blog post comparing March 13, 2020 with March 13, 2021. So with that in mind, it seems appropriate to once again take some time to reflect on the changes that have occurred in the past year. As I reviewed last year's post, so much of it was about uncertainty, fear and stress, but a glimmer of hope was there as things started to go "back to normal."

In March 2021, we were in the midst of starting concurrent instruction in schools.  As a result as a tech coach, I was doing everything I could to help facilitate concurrent instruction. Students returned to buildings for students in K-6. desks six feet apart and facing front in rows, and with all the uncertainty, it was so amazing to see and interact with our students in person again.

One Year Later

Now in March 2022, our schools continue to transition, As of March 1st, masks are optional in our schools. Our students still face front in rows, but now desks are three feet apart. We hope that the worst is past us and mask mandates are no longer in place in most locations due to a decline in COVID cases. I watch the amazing progress that the teachers at my school and other schools nationwide have made in their use of technology. Educators who once feared technology now use it regularly.  They are more receptive to trying new things, showing students risk taking and more. And our students, their technology skills are stronger as well. In January 2020, I was just starting to use Wixie with my kinders: this school year, we started using Wixie in the beginning of October 2020. This year in January 2021, my kinders learned how to use Flipgrid, a program I usually didn't introduce to them until the end of the year, 

Outside of the Classroom Changes

In addition to all of the changes that happened in school, so many changes have occurred in my TannenbaumTech world. To begin with on May 1, 2021, TannenbaumTech officially became a LLC! Then on my birthday, May 20th, my book, "TRANSFORM-Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky" was published! Since then, so many other amazing things have happened- In June and August of 2021, I got a chance to work with the fabulous educators in Freeport School District in Illinois. I have gotten the opportunity to present at some amazing virtual conferences. In November 2021, I presented 2 sessions live to full houses at GaETC, followed by an in person workshop at FETC, two sessions at TCEA and most recently, a packed house at NCTies.  I have contributed to three books, one already published and two upcoming titles. Yes, there have been ups and downs- opportunities that didn't work out the way I planned, but I am so excited by the momentum so far of 2022!

How has your life changed from March to March?

Take some time and consider how your life has changed from March to March. Yes, without a doubt, the past  two years have been two of the most challenging years ever in education, but they have also led to a tremendous amount of opportunities to learn, connect, and take risks to better reach our students. What are some of the ways you have become better or changed in the past year, or two years? Have you made new connections that made your life richer? I have. Have you participated in a virtual experience that you might not have before? Yup. Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and realized you could do more than you thought. Absolutely. Celebrate your victories and perseverance and give yourselves credit. That is something that we, as educators, don't do often enough.