#oneword 2022: Momentum

In my last blog post, I explained the process of how I chose my #oneword 2022 and how I plan to keep the momentum going and building in 2022. I selected four mini goals under the umbrella of #momentum.  During the 2022 calendar year, I plan to not only keep these goals in mind but also blog and share how I am meeting these mini goals. Last year, I selected six mini goals so this year, I am simplifying it and focusing on what I feel will have the most impact of my #momentum.

They are:

In this first post preparing for 2022 and my year of #momentum, I wanted to share how I plan to use a few upcoming opportunities to address my second mini goal: 

Grow and enhance my leadership skills as an educator by engaging in experiences that will help me broaden my perspective. 

These two opportunities will not only inspire you and pump you up for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year, but help connect you with some amazing people to add to your PLN!  First, join me Thursday afternoon, December 30th  from 1-5 PM EST for the Road to Awesome Pep Rally and then celebrate the new year with Teachers on Fire #OneWord2022 Roundtable at 11 AM EST. I am so excited about both of these events and wanted to share them with you as well. These events are open for EVERYONE and I would love for you to not only attend, but share out your reflections with #momentum and tag me.  Of course, you know that I will blog and share out my reflections in the first official blog post of 2022!

Road to Awesome's Pep Rally- Thursday 12/30 1-5 PM EST

Road to Awesome's Pep Rally: Leaning into Leadership is a four hour event that begins at 1 PM EST today and ends at 5 PM EST. I am so thrilled to be part of this event. Check out my segment at 2 PM with the amazing Chris Young and Ashley Hubner where we will share Tips for Teachers in 2022! We are so excited to share our tips with you.

But that's just 20 minutes of the entire four hours. I am so pumped up for all of the other segments and all that I will learn from them.   I can't think of a better way to "grow and enhance my leadership skills as an educator," can you? 

Sessions include an opening keynote from Jay B. Gross and sessions on building literacy bridges, celebrating school culture, leadership for 2022, lifting voices through podcasts and blogs, and much more. Plus, this entire event is FREE and includes giveaways at the top of each hour!

What's Your #OneWord 2022?- Teachers on Fire- Saturday 1/1 at 11 AM EST

The past 3 years, I have participated in the #oneword phenomenon. I love not only coming up with my word, but hearing and/or reading how others determined theirs.  I learn so much for hearing their perspectives and reflecting on it. I participated in this roundtable to start 2021 and loved it; so when Tim Cavey of Teachers on Fire asked for volunteers for this coming year, I was so excited.  Join me and a panel of phenomenal educator to get inspired, learn, and reflect.

Share what is building your #momentum for 2022!

I really hope that many of you will join in for these two amazing events, but live streams are not the only ways that educators can build #momentum as they grow and enhance their leadership skills as educators.  

Right now, I am reading Rachelle Dene Poth's newest book, I Wish that....Knew. Yes, I am honored to have contributed to it, but even more than that, I am loving this book. As I read the first few chapters, I was nodding along (yes, I felt that way) and highlighting what I wanted to especially refer back to. I was also using my phone to add other contributors to my #PLN. This book is a must read as you build #momentum in 2022.

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