One word 2021 Reflection

This past year, my #oneword2021 was TRANSFORMATION. As I described in my 12/29 blog post, I wanted to take all the gains that I had made in 2020 with my #oneword2020- CHALLENGE to the next level and push myself farther. I wanted to transform myself to the best me I could BE. To accomplish this, I set 6 mini goals under the TRANSFORMATION umbrella. First, I wanted to be active and be healthy. Second,  I wanted to spend time learning each day and reflecting in order to grow. Last, I wanted to blog regularly and live the TRANSFORM mindset.  

In 2021,  I truly TRANSFORMED my professional life in so many ways. I began this year by signing a book contract for my first book with Road to Awesome LLC in January.  2021 became a year of writing and editing for me; that's for sure and to my delight, my book, TRANSFORM-Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky was published on my birthday in May.  I also got the amazing privilege to contribute to three books this year. The first book, Things I Wish ... Knew was published on December 21st of this year, bookending my year perfectly.

Besides writing, I spent a lot of time presenting this year. I  presented at 38 conferences this year, including 2 keynotes- UnisonEDU and Brainstorm 2021 and 3 live presentations at GaETC 2021.

Lastly, I became a small business owner this year. I opened TannenbaumTech LLC and had my first couple of paid jobs. I also began my ISTE Certification journey as part of the NASA cohort. It was truly a year of pushing the boundaries professionally as I transformed.

In 2021, I worked hard to prioritize my self care. This was not an easy battle.  I started the year at my heaviest weight ever and worked hard this year to lose 20 pounds.  I still have weight to lose but am proud that I have kept the 20 pounds off all year,

I also began a new fitness journey. I started working with Garage Strong Fitness and lifting weights. After about 2 months of lifting, I started running again using Couch to 5K.  On Labor Day, I ran a virtual 5K and celebrated this accomplishment. 

In November, I got hurt and since then, I have been struggling with an IT Band issue. This has greatly impacted my ability to exercise, but I am now on the bend, thanks to starting physical therapy.

My physical transformation has definitely been a roller coaster, but I am so glad that I am ending the year on top and ready for 2022! I can't wait to get back to both running and lifting weights when my IT Band issue resolves itself.

How do I want to FEEL in 2022?

Personal Feelings

Next year, I want to feel healthy and strong as I continue to pursue my health journey by moving my body regularly, fueling it with healthy food. I want to feel gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings I have when wake up each day. Most of all, I want to feel the excitement as I build on the  momentum of 2021.

Professional Feelings

Next year, I want to feel authentic as I continue to grow and level up each and every day. I want to feel proud of my writing and my presentations. I want to feel like I am making a difference and impacting both educators and students.

What do I want to THINK in 2022?

Personal Thoughts

In 2022 personally, I want to think that I can reach my goals. I want to think of possibilities and promote those ideals with those I love and my family. I want to think of the possibilities of "what if?"

Professional Thoughts

In 2022, I want to think that I can push myself to reach new heights. I want to think about ways that I can amplify my message and make an even greater impact.  As I do all of this, I want to continue to expand my thoughts and help myself see things from new and larger perspectives. These "What about?" thoughts will help me to grow in new ways.

What do I want to ACHIEVE in 2022?

Personal Achievements

Next year, I want to continue my fitness journey and lose another 20 pounds. I want to get back into strength training and running and do another 5K, maybe a 10K. 

Professional Achievements

Next year, I want to continue to build TannenbaumTech. I want to learn and grow as I present at some new conferences live such as FETC 22, TCEA 22, and maybe even ISTE 22! I want to complete my ISTE certification and add that achievement to my  toolbox.  In addition, I want to ramp up my leadership journey and see how I can lead using technology.

My #oneword2022 = MOMENTUM

As I looked at the definition to the right, it struck me that MOMENTUM was the perfect word for me in 2022. 2021 was such a successful year for me. I became an author, an international speaker,  a business owner, and so much more. I truly took the CHALLENGES I pursued in 2020 and TRANSFORMED them. But now is not the time to become complacent or doubt myself. I need to build on my momentum and continue to grow stronger as 2022 begins.  I need to continue the amazing progress I have made and keep that MOMENTUM going.

How will I keep the momentum going and build on it in 2022?