Building Momentum to Transform Learning

It seems hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since I blogged here last. Life truly got in the way as I finished my ISTE class last Saturday. Then, I  went back to work after three weeks off (two for winter break and one for snow.) This past week was super busy, especially as I prepped for a "possible virtual learning day" due to snow.

Sixteen days into my #momentum year, I am going strong on my goals. As I mentioned before for my #oneword2022 #momentum, I will be focusing on four specific ways that I can build and maintain #momentum. They include:

Back on 12/30/2021, I shared how I plan to use a few upcoming opportunities to address my second mini goal: 

Grow and enhance my leadership skills as an educator by engaging in experiences that will help me broaden my perspective. 

As we hit the second half of January begins, I wanted to share some amazing opportunities that I am participating in this winter. These opportunities are all great ways to not only inspire you, but help connect you with some amazing people to add to your PLN!  Some of these experiences are in person; while others are virtual. But all of these experience will help you to grow and add to your educator toolbox.

FETC 2022 (Orlando, Florida)- January 25th-28th

I am so excited about this conference for so many reasons. First of all, I am presenting a brand new 2 hour workshop, Empowering Littles to Create Using Digital Tools, in person.  This session will take my Creating with Littles presentation to the next level and includes brand new content from my practice so far in 2022. Beyond that, I am beyond thrilled to get to connect and learn with so many people in my PLN in person there. As I reviewed the sessions being held, I can't wait to learn with so many people I admire. Are you going to FETC too? If not, consider registering for it. Use code DLTANNENBAUM for 10% off. 

Common Ground Maryland 2022 (Virtual)- February 5th- 6th

Learn from the comfort of your own home. The Common Ground Maryland conference is a two day virtual conference. I am thrilled to be presenting 3 sessions there, two concurrent sessions on Saturday and a featured speaker session on Sunday.  I also can't wait to learn from so many other amazing speakers, including Joe Sanfelippo as the conference's keynote. Definitely consider signing up for this one. Even if you can't attend that weekend, you can access the content for an additional 90 days.

Blended Learning Virginia 2022 (Virtual)

The first weekend of  February is a busy one in the virtual world. The Blended Learning Conference in Virginia is a FREE one day virtual conference.  I will be presenting two sessions here. This conference is all about giving you recipes for success.  You can register for this amazing experience here.

TCEA 2022 (Dallas, Texas)- February 7th-10th

TCEA will be held from February 7-10. This will be my first time both attending and presenting at this conference. This conference offers a virtual option, in addition to their face to face option. I am excited to be presented one virtual session and one face to face session on February 8th. Like FETC, I can't wait to get to learn and meet even more members of my PLN in person. 

OETC 2022 (Virtual)- February 14th-18th

OETC will be held from February 14-18. This conference offers a variety of session options. With a combination of prerecorded sessions with live Q &A, live sessions, and even 20 min Tech Tools in 20 sessions, there is something for everyone here. I am excited to share five concurrent sessions here and four Tech Tools in 20 sessions. Definitely check this one out- register here.

IDEACon (Chicago and virtual) - February 14th-17th

IDEACon is a hybrid conference with both in person options in Chicago and virtual options. I will be participating and presenting in the virtual part of this conference and sharing 3 sessions. This conference offers various options for accessing the content. Register here.

Will you attend one or more of these amazing educational conferences to help build your momentum to transform learning this winter?  

All of these learning opportunities will help you to grow, inspire you and add to your educational toolbox in new and exciting ways. I would love to hear how any of them impact you, after all, we are all better together. 

Let's build #momentum and share how you transform learning. Tag me @TannenbaumTech and #momentum to share your learning and reflection.