Wow- it seems hard to believe that I am 126 days or 18 weeks into my #oneword2021, TRANSFORMATION! The past couple of months have truly been life changing for me as I embraced fear as my sidekick and went past my self-limiting beliefs and embraced a life of abundance. I am so proud of myself and what I have accomplished.

But one thing that I have noticed recently is my zest for looking forward is sometimes preventing me from enjoying the present. With so many balls in the air, that is easy to overlook. Sometimes in my quest to level up, I miss celebrating today. This awareness is a new feeling for me and something that I acknowledge that I want to work on.

I am intentionally now taking daily actions to be more mindful and embrace each day, each moment. Sometimes that is easier said than done. I know that this is a process and my goal is to get a little better at it each day.

In the past few weeks, I have added Lindsay Titus' 90 day journal to help me in that pursuit. I use her journal to bookend each day. I start each day with the practices within and end each day with them as well.

I begin each day with a mirror moment and then a daily dose of inspiration to help ground myself. After reading these affirmations, I spend time reflecting on them, making connections to the words I just spoke. I share how I feel and then empty my mind of my wonders. This practice has helped me tremendously to slow down. It is the first thing that I do each day before anything else. I also share things I am grateful for,

Later on in the day, I end each day with celebrations. What has happened each day that I need to pause and celebrate? I also summarize each day with three words that describe the day that has just ended.

No, the purpose of this blog post is not to sell Lindsay's journal- although, I would highly suggest it and have linked it to the image above. The purpose is rather to share how I have become more mindful of the present. With 18 weeks completed of my #oneword2021, I could have decided to write a laundry list of accomplishments, but instead for this post, I wanted to focus on a change in my mindset as a result of my transformation.

Yes, life is a journey, but it is made of lots of little stops along the way. I want to enjoy each one.

  • Last night, I enjoyed my Wixie presentation on thinking routines. I loved trying something new with the participants, actively enjoying each moment with them as they made connections to new ideas and concepts.

  • This past Saturday, I treasured the accomplishment of becoming a business owner after figuring something that had been challenging to me out.

  • This past Sunday, I embraced the process of designing the cover of my book with my publisher and the moment where I knew we had found just the right one.

In our quest to "countdown to summer," don't forget to stop and pause. Embrace these moments and celebrate today. This year has had its challenges, but it has also brought us joy. Embracing that "Teach Better" mindset is so important. The present is our time to learn for the future. So as lifelong learners, the more mindful we are, the more we learn. Here are a few of the regular moments that I am treasuring more.

  • Every morning as I greet my elementary school students by the door, I am overjoyed to be able to say "good morning" and be in the same physical space as them and not just see them through a screen.

  • I love connecting with my Teach Better administrator friends every Tuesday morning and/or evening. We get to use technology each week to connect us and learn from each other.

  • On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, I drive my 15 year old daughter to school. There is something about sitting next to a teenager that helps them open up and I treasure our drives then.

It seems like just yesterday that 2021 began, yet we are 18 weeks into the new year. Are the weeks simply passing you by or are you making the most of the present? Are you pausing and finding clarity or rushing and letting it go by in a blur?

I am by no means an expert- I am a work in progress, but as I enter this time full of amazing opportunities and accomplishments, I want to treasure it all. If I get a little better at this each day, imagine where it will lead....