This past month has truly been a whirlwind. Since I last did a TRANSFORMATION check in, so much has changed. My life has truly been in a continual process of leveling up. Every day, I make progress towards my goals and push past my fears to reach for abundance. It is right there waiting for me all I have to do is embrace fear as my sidekick and keep moving forward.

A few days ago, I had my book launch.


As I was online with four other amazing people, I realized that 147 days ago, I had only just really met two of them face to face although I was familiar with all of them at that point, but not in the same way that I am today. It is amazing how quickly your life can change and transform.

On December 24, 2020, I reached out to Darrin Peppard after seeing a tweet he posted about his new publishing company and how if you had a story, he would love to connect with you. Since then, he has helped me to transform that story into a book. I am so honored that he is my publisher. Answering that tweet and our conversations that proceeded that have changed my life.

I met Lindsay earlier in the year since we were both Teach Better founding ambassadors, but I hadn't really connected with her until that December as well. After listening to a podcast episode of the Busy Principals podcast by Bobbie French, I decided to participate in Lindsay's word party to determine my #oneword2021. It was during this experience that my connection with Lindsay truly grew. Like my experience with Darrin, that initial contact with Lindsay has also transformed my life. She has become my coach, my friend, and I was so excited that she was there during my launch as part of the celebration.

I first connected with Jillian in January. That seems crazy to believe- I "met" her as one of the authors sharing their story on the "Teachers on Fire Roundtable" in late December, but as our connection built over social media, our connection grew. Based on those connections, I reached out to her as I began my book journey. Now, Jillian is my accountability partner for the Unlocking Unlimited Potential on the Road to Awesome group and an amazing friend.

Vernon is my newest contact of this group. I contacted him about reading my book and writing an endorsement. I was familiar with his work through podcasts, live stream and more. Every time he spoke, truth and pro tips came out and I would find the need to tweet immediately. I was nervous about asking him- who was I to ask him to read my book, I initially thought. But I had no need to be nervous. Through many conversations, I have had the honor of both learning and growing so much through my conversations with him. I am so thankful for my connection with him and his authenticity. Once again, an initial direct message on Twitter completely changed my life for the better and I am better for it.

My book coming out has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of the last 147 days, but it is not the only one. It is an accomplishment that is part of a bigger mindset shift. My morning routine has been an essential part of this process, but even that has leveled up and evolved. In the past two weeks, I adjusted my morning routine as I added more physical activity to my life. With the amazing help of my art teacher and now fitness coach, Dawn Reese, I have added in strength training three times a week. As this blog post publishes, I am about to finish week 2. I am so proud of this accomplishment as well. I was struggling with my health and when I noticed that Dawn did remote training, I reached out to her. Sometimes, being brave means knowing when you need help and seeking it. Now, my morning routine includes those 40-50 minutes workouts three times a week, with conditioning walks in between.

My morning routine also includes using Lindsay Titus' 90 day journal. As soon as I finish my fitness activity for the day, I continue my day by saying mirror moments and reading her daily inspiration for the day. Then I write 3 things I am grateful for and spend a few minutes reflecting on the daily inspiration. Afterwards, I read to learn and spend some time writing. All of this happens before the house wakes up and I love it.

In addition to both of these accomplishments, I am so proud to have finished my draft of my chapter for #GlobalAmpEdu, formed TannenbaumTech LLC, and presented at fifteen conferences so far this year. This has definitely been my year of growth and transformation. At this point in the year, I am not even halfway through and I am amazed at what you can accomplish when you keep going after that initial feeling of fear.

Reaching new heights requires perseverance but you also need a good supportive team behind you. I am so fortunate to have that. From my amazing family to my many different coaches who support my growth, I have a strong foundation to build on. Being part of a PLN has done that for me in ways that I could have never imagined. Every day, I work towards my TRANSFORMATION, getting 1% better each day. 147 days in, that's a lot of progress and I am so proud!