What a week it has been!

The past few days have been so exciting. On Sunday, we revealed the cover of my soon to be released book. Yesterday, I began signed preorders on my website. If you are interested in a signed copy of my book, please preorder here. As we conclude editing and start building the final book, my excitement continues to build. Something that just six months ago, I didn't think was possible will be a reality very soon. It amazes me that in such a short time, I will be a published author. Wow!

None of this would have happened if I hadn't gone past the fear and continued to push myself. This is truly a year of #transformation for me. None of this would have happened if I hadn't pushed past my limiting beliefs and chose to live in abundance. For me, abundance includes lifelong learning and connecting with other amazing educators regularly. None of this would have happened without the support of my husband and my children, who are truly my champions.

Why was writing this book so important to me?

This is my story, yes, but it is also the stories of other educators, who don't have an idyllic journey, but rather one that is full of ups and downs. Maybe you have questioned whether or not you should continue to be an educator like I have. Being an educator is hard work, but it doesn't need to be lonely work. Technology provided me opportunities to empower myself and grow in new and innovative ways. It led me to look outside the walls of my classroom for my students first for ways technology could better engage my students, but ended up providing my students opportunities that I could have never imagined almost twenty years ago when I got my Masters in Technology.

But it hasn't just benefited my students- technology has benefited me as well. Becoming a connected educator was one of the best things that I have ever done. In the four years since I joined Twitter, my life has completely changed. I want educators to see the impact that social media can have on you as an educator and how it can empower you too.

What should you expect from this book?

TRANSFORM is an acronym for how you can TRANSFORM your educational practice. It is composed of three parts: Getting Your Feet Wet, Next Steps, and Take Your Transformation to the Next Level. Each part leads you through 3 of the letters in the word TRANSFORM.

This book will help you to not feel alone if you are teaching behind closed doors. It will empower you to revisit the way you use technology in your classroom and even includes bonus application trainings. It will scaffold ways to help your students create and empower student agency and voice. It will provide you concrete steps to integrate technology into your classroom.

But the book will also help you as an educator to reach out. It will help you seek connections outside of your school, and build a Professional Learning Network (PLN). It will encourage you to tell your story too., reach beyond your expectations, and find ways to multiply learning's impact. It is not only practical, but it seeks to inspire educators and help them to reflect. Each chapter ends with a reflective prompt and urges educators to share their progress on line with the #transform.

How can you start your TRANSFORM-ation?

Preorders for signed copies started yesterday and can be found at www.tannenbaumtechcom/transform-book. Very soon, this book will be available on Amazon for purchase as well.