Transformation Check-In #3 @ 63 days

Wow, it seems hard to believe that I am 63 days or 9 weeks into my #oneword2021, TRANSFORMATION. As I shared in my previous three week post, I wanted to take my 2020 strides as I CHALLENGED myself to TRANSFORM. But even more than that, as I planned my transformation, I wanted to invest in the unknown, uplevel myself and grow in amazing new and unexpected ways as 2021 began. I needed to embrace discomfort and know that beyond that discomfort was amazing growth. During the past 3 weeks, I have been participating in Lindsay Titus' Ignite Your Legacy course. As part of this course, I needed to imagine My Level 10 Future Self.

That future self, Dynamically Designed DEBBIE, is already a work in progress as I continue my #oneword2021- TRANSFORMATION. Seeing what I wanted to become and comparing it to where I am now was empowering. So many things about Dynamically Designed DEBBIE are already in place- truth statements.

As we concluded February and the first nine weeks of my #oneword2021, I am pausing to take an audit of these first nine weeks. Like other check-ins, I am sharing my growth with awareness and acceptance. But this check-in, I will also acknowledge next steps for action. So here goes:

Be Active and Be Healthy

As I shared 3 weeks ago, I decided that I AM healthy and active. In response to that declaration, I need to eat healthy food and be active. In the last 3 weeks, I have completed the first 5 weeks out of 8 for Couch to 5K. I tracked my food and was mindful of what I ate.

Like my Future Self, the next three habits are ones that I treasure every day. Every day, I start off my day with 10-15 minutes of reading and work on my writing. Some days, I journal and blog. Other days, I reflect on assignments for Ignite Your Legacy. As of today, I have read 10 books. Currently, I am in the process of reading Fight Song by Kim Bearden. We are almost done editing my book and so far this year, I have written 20 blog posts including this one.

Living the TRANSFORM mindset is the path to helping Dynamically Designed DEBBIE to reach towards her destiny. Check out this graphic to see some of my TRANSFORM highlights.

What's Next?

The month of March is filled with conferences and amazing opportunities to connect. I am overjoyed to be able to present at so many wonderful conferences. Today and tomorrow, I am presenting two sessions at NCTies. Next week, I will present my first two 90 min workshops at NJeCC, in addition to presenting at EdTechRVA and the WoCo Tech Summit. I conclude the month with UCET and Spring CUE conference wise and lots of Twitter chats. In addition, I am looking towards March to finishing the editing of my book. I am also excited to get started on another writing project that is still in development with some amazing educators. I want to continue to challenge myself and can't wait to see where the next three weeks take me!