This coming month, I am so excited to have such awesome opportunities ahead of me. In April, I am presenting a webinar, my first keynote, in addition to speaking at some amazing conferences. So as we get this month started tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the ways you can learn and grow in April. Some of these are ones I will be presenting at, while others are ones that I plan to attend. All of them are learning opportunities that should not be missed. Definitely mark these dates on the calendar!

Plus, if you want to attend the Code Breakers Power Summit for FREE, I have five free passes that I will share.

Just tag me on Twitter and share at least one way you will learn and grow this month. I will select the winners out of the posts made on April 14th.

Creating with Littles- Saturday, April 3rd at 12 noon

Join me on Saturday, April 3rd for my first Educator Alexander Webinar at 12 noon. This FREE opportunity is all about creating with our youngest learners. Learn easy ways to help promote student agency that you can try the next day. Find out how you can use icons and video to empower your students. Discover technology tools that you can use to transform your instruction. Get your littles creating using apps like Pear Deck, Wixie, Flipgrid and Google Slides. Register at

#CodeBreaker Chat- Tuesday, April 6th at 8 PM

Have you ever participated in a #CodeBreaker chat? They are fast-paced, full of energy and you will meet the most amazing educators. There are just 4 questions and the ideas you will leave with will energize you.

This coming week, I am moderating my first #CodeBreaker chat. We will be discussing all about using technology to TRANSFORM learning for both our students and ourselves. Please join me for the fun. Here's a sneak peek at the questions...

  • Q1: TRANSFORM Tech Tools give students opportunities that are not possible; they are versatile enough to use anywhere and anytime and transform learning. What are some tech tools that you use to transform learning?

  • Q2: Our students need to not only consume content, but create content. What are some of your favorite ways to have students create content?

  • Q3: TRANSFORM educators empower themselves with technology tools. Besides participating in Twitter chats, what other ways do you use technology to connect with other educators and grow?

  • Q4: To TRANSFORM, you need to reach beyond your expectations. What is one way that you have reached beyond your expectations in the first 3 months of 2021?

ITEC 2021: Sunday, April 10th-Friday, April 16th

I will also be presenting two prerecorded sessions at the ITEC Spring Conference. The sessions I will be presenting are Creation Tools for Littles and Transform- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky. These sessions are asynchronous and will be followed by live question and answer times on April 13th. The 30 minute Live Q & A for Creation Tools is at 5:30 PM EST and for TRANSFORM is at 7:30 PM EST. Register at .

BRAINSTORM 2021: April 13th-17th

I am SO excited about this one!

Join me at 4 PM EST on April 14th. I am presenting my FIRST keynote ever here based on my upcoming book, TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky.

This brand new session will get you energized to transform your educational practice with easy to implement steps.

In addition, I am also presenting a prerecorded session on Amplifying Thinking Routines using Technology Tools. To register, go to

Teach Better 12 Hour Live- Saturday, April 24th

This is the one event that I am not presenting at that you SHOULD NOT miss out on. So far, there have been 2 Teach Better 12 Hour Live Events and each time, they have changed my life. Seriously, during the first one, I learned about becoming a Teach Better Ambassador, which I applied for and am one of the founding members. During the second one, I learned about the Teach Better Administrator Mastermind. This group has helped me to learn and grow tremendously. Did I mention that it is FREE and there are giveaways?

Code Breaker Power Summit- April 24th and 25th

Yes, this event is happening on one of the same days of the Teach Better 12 Hour Live, but both of these events are worth tab hopping between. The Code Breaker Power Summit has unbelievable speakers sharing their passions. My session is at 10:25 AM EST on Saturday, April 24th, so definitely come check that out, but also don't miss out on the other sessions. Go to to see what sessions interest you the most.

Remember, if you want to attend the Code Breakers Power Summit for FREE, I have five free passes that I will share. Just tag me on Twitter and share at least one way you will learn and grow this month. I will select the winners out of the posts made by April 14th. Have an awesome time learning and growing in April- I can't wait to hear all about it!