Why Wixie and Thinking Routines?

If you have ever read my blog or seen my presentations, you know that I am a huge proponent of Project Zero's thinking routines. In my blog posts and in my book, TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky, I share many tech tools that I use to amplify the use of these routines. So when last month I got the opportunity to present for a Wednesday Wixie webinar and share ways that Wixie could amplify thinking routines, I was so excited to dig deep into how Wixie could benefit using thinking routines.

Get started using a Thinking Routine

Learning is a product of thinking, so using a thinking routine makes perfect sense when educators want to not only help students learn more efficiently, but also share their thinking. When getting started using a thinking routine, you first need to identify the type of thinking that you want your students to do.

  • Do you want them to explore something in a visual manner?

  • Do you want them to explore new ideas?

  • Do you want them to synthesize information?

Once you have identified the type of thinking that you want students to do, Project Zero's Thinking Routines Toolbox has a wealth of routines based on each type of thinking. Looking at this site, there are detailed directions that lead you through this process.

How can Wixie help with this?

Wixie is a huge supporter of Project Zero's thinking routines, just as I am. There is already a growing library of templates in their template library. All that you need to do is search "thinking routines" at the top of your Wixie home page and then get started with that template.

Wixie offers so many great ways for students to share their thinking using thinking routines. It offers students choice in the ways that they respond. Students can choose to respond solely with writing using a text box, but that is not the only option. They could choose to draw using the paint tools or even explain verbally using the microphone. Recently, Wixie even added an option to include video with their video recorder, which gives students even another option. Look at all the possibilities that provides students- they could even mix and math all or some of these options!

How can I best share student thinking using Wixie?

One way to share the students' thinking is to use the Teams feature. When using the Teams feature, you would duplicate the template so that each of your students get their own copy of the template first. Next, add the students in your class to the team. Doing this allows all of the students to access the file and have access to all of the class' ideas.

Another way that you can share your students' thinking is to first assign the template to individual students as an assignment. Then, when they complete the routine, you can import their work into one file so that all students are able to view each other's ideas and thoughts or you can use the showcase feature and select Students. Then, you can open the projects that you want to share and move them to the Showcase by moving the toggle to Showcase.

Want to get started?

I have created seven Wixie Thinking Routine templates that I would love to share with you. If you would like these resources, please click below to get a zipped file of these templates emailed directly to you.

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Want to give Wixie a try?

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