Yesterday, as I got my day started, I opened up my 90 day journal by Lindsay Titus to this mirror moment.

I am learning to see things though a different view point. I am learning to see life through a different perspective!

This is such a true statement. Indeed in the last 189 days or 27 weeks, so much has changed which has led me to see things through a different perspective. A perspective where small, strategic steps help me to level up each and every day. From the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed, I now live my life with intention and purpose.

This has perhaps been one of the biggest changes over the past 189 days, but I really got serious about this about 56 days ago, Tomorrow, I will complete Week 8 of my fitness program with Garage Strong Fitness and Week 4 of my nutrition efforts. Wow, what a change a few weeks can bring, What started as me doing 3 workouts a week has now turned into 4 workouts a week, adding a band day on Week 5. I also added nutrition work into my program in Week 5. I am taking those small, strategic steps every day and am down more than 15 pounds this year. But more than that, I feel different, stronger and more fit. What used to be something I had to do is now something I look forward to doing. I am so grateful to Dawn at Garage Strong Fitness for engineering an environment where I could not only grow, but thrive in my fitness efforts. As I compare my Week 1 and Week 7 pictures, I can see the changes on the outside in addition to feeling them on the insider.

In addition to my activity and nutrition changes, I have continue my learning and reflection habits. So far this year, I have read over 20 books. Each of these books has taught me something new. I love starting each day with reading and then reflecting. Reflection has been super important this year. Every day after I work out, I use Lindsay Titus' 90 day journal to begin this process. It helped me to process the upcoming day and reflect at the end of each day. It has also helped me to continue blogging regularly (every 3 days). Including this post, I have published 61 blog posts. As I have grown as a blogger, I have included some regularly scheduled posts such as my Transformation Check In posts, a look at professional development in the month ahead each month and two Did You Know? Tech Tip blogs per month. It has been a truly awesome process!

I am learning to see things though a different view point. I am learning to see life through a different perspective!

I write this quote yet again, because it is truly symbolic of me living the TRANSFORM mindset. I am now embracing fear and have accomplished so much as a result. In 2021, I have reached beyond my expectations and lived life in abundance and it shows. Check out some of the ways I choose to live i abundance.

  1. Published my first book, TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky with Road to Awesome LLC.

  2. Presented at 26 virtual conferences this year, including presenting at two playgrounds during ISTE 21.

  3. Submitted a chapter to a global collaboration book that will be published in 2022.

  4. Created a LLC for TannenbaumTech and started my business.

  5. Joined the Unison EDU team and the Teach Better Administrator Mastermind

  6. Asked to be one of 24 presenters globally later this month at Flipgrid's PD Palooza

  7. Participated in Lindsay Titus' Ignite Your Legacy and Brandon Beck's and Darrin Peppard's Unlocking Unlimited Potential on the Road to Awesome