Each month, I get so excited about taking you on a "road trip" and sharing some amazing conferences. As I looked at my calendar, I noticed that August is much lighter than many other months as I considered professional development opportunities. As I shared last month, to TRANSFORM, you need to not only seek connections outside of your school, but find your PLN. These four learning opportunities are great ways to get started on transforming learning. They help you reach beyond your expectations and grow as an educator

ISTE's Summer Learning Academy 2021- Register at this link

Have you looked into ISTE's Summer Learning Academy yet? For just $35.00, you have access to SOOO much learning, This experience is two week and 15 hours on online professional learning to help educators as we navigate a year unlike any other. There are live presentations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 PM EST. Plus, you have until October 31st to get credit for the sessions and you can watch the sessions until December 31st. I am not even presenting at this one, but I can't wait to see what learning I bring back to my school and community,

BCS STEAM 2021- August 5th

This conference is 100% FREE! What's better than that? I am so excited to be presenting two sessions at this conference and one of them is BRAND NEW- Reach Beyond Your Expectations with social media:) As I looked at the sessions, there are so many great sessions that I want to check out. This is definitely worth checking out! Look at what it offers on its website.

Code Breaker Summer Camp- August 12th

I really wish I could go to this one, but the timing is all off for me. Since teachers return on contract on August 13th in my district, August 13th is going to be a busy day for me. But since this event is only $5,00, I might register anyways. So many amazing presenters are sharing and I feel so blessed to call many of them friends. Register on Eventbrite. This is a hybrid event so learning will be both in person in Massachusetts and online.

TWTCon 2021 Continues Until October 20th

As I shared last month, I am so excited about being part of this conference. I have attended it in the past and this conference is truly a powerhouse of learning opportunities. There are OVER 75 sessions for K-12 educators. All of them are offered asynchronously and you can watch them ANYTIME and ANYWHERE from July 12- October 30. Wow! You get all this for just $39.99- that is a lot of professional learning at a great price.