Do you feel ready for the 2021-2022 school year? Have you determined how you will integrate technology in the coming year? Do you have questions as you get started? Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of tools at your disposal? If any of these questions above resonate with you, I totally get it! I have been there and done that.

When I started TannenbaumTech, my purpose was simple. I wanted to empower educators to use technology in transformative ways to amplify student learning and I still do. I want to level that up in late July and early August and while I was listening to my episode on Punk Rock Classrooms, I decided that it was now time to take the next step.

What's the next step? I want to start offering courses for educators. This year coming up will be challenging, there is no doubt. But as an edtech coach, I worry that educators will revert back to their previous practices when they return back to face to face classrooms, after so much virtual learning in the past 18 months. Using technology in the classroom needs to be intentional and I want to assist educators in finding purposeful and intentional ways to integrate technology into instruction so that it amplifies student learning. I want educators to discover how transformative technology can be. This purpose ignited a new idea: TRANSFORM Tech Classes.

What are TRANSFORM Tech Classes?

TRANSFORM Tech Classes are one way to empower educators in this work. But I want to make sure that what I offer meets your needs. So with that intention in mind, I wanted to get your feedback as I work on the initial courses that I will offer. Below is a form that I would love you to fill out to give me feedback Anyone who fills out a form will get access to my Slides to the Next Level freebie.

Want to know more about upcoming course content? Here's a sneak peak!

  • Powering Up Learning with Pear Deck:

        • Pear Deck takes any Google slides presentation and allows you to make it interactive using a variety of different slide types. Come to this session and learn how you can involve all of your students using this tool and provide them timely and relevant feedback as they work and afterwards

  • Amplifying Thinking Routines Using Technology Tools:

        • Project Zero’s Thinking Routines promote students' thinking by taking what students have read or learned about and have them synthesize their thoughts to make their thinking visible. Haven’t heard of them yet? Come to this session and learn all about them. Discover when and how using technology tools, such as GSuite, Padlet, Pear Deck and Flipgrid can amplify the use of these routines. Empower your learners to new levels as you learn to combine thinking routines and technology tools.

  • Empowering Student Voice Using Technology Tools

      • What opportunities do you provide for your students to share their voices? Are you communicating that their voices matter? How do you create learning experiences that empower learners? In this session, you will learn easy ways using technology tools such as Wixie, Flipgrid, Pear Deck and Padlet to give your students opportunities to share their voices in interactive ways.

  • Creating With Littles:

      • Learn easy ways to get our youngest students creating using technology. First, discover easy ways to promote student agency using these tools. Next, experience how tools like Wixie, Pear Deck, Flipgrid, and Google Slides can provide our students amazing opportunities to create.

  • TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky:

      • Today’s technology offers many opportunities to learn and grow. First, learn about the “TRANSFORM TOP TOOLS” that offer students innovative learning opportunities. Next, discover ways to use these tools to focus on creation and promote student agency. Last, empower yourself with tech tools that make your learning sticky as well.

  • TRANSFORM Tech Tools in Action:

      • In chapter 2 of my book, TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky, I share my TOP TEN TRANSFORM Tech Tools. Come to this session and get a chance to see these TRANSFORM Tech Tools in action and make an action plan for your future use.

  • Reach Beyond Your Expectations Using Social Media

      • Technology offers us many opportunities to learn in new and innovative ways. Learn how developing a social media presence can add to your professional growth. Then, discover ways to grow using resources available in social media.

  • Blog Better: Beginning a Blogging Adventure

      • Have you thought about blogging, but something is holding you back? Are you not sure what platform to use? Not sure what to write about? If any of these questions resonate with you, come to this interactive workshop where we go over blogging basics and help you get started on your own blogging adventure.