Transformation Check In #1 @ 21 days-1/21/2021

Twenty-one days ago, I began my #oneword2021 journey. As you can see, my #oneword2021 was TRANSFORMATION. I wanted to take the strides that I had achieved by challenging myself in 2020 and take them to the next level, transformation. I spent a lot of time determining this focus and was determined to see where this idea would take me.

I set many goals under my TRANSFORMATION mantra. I wanted to be healthier- eat better and move more. I wanted to dedicate time to learn every day by reading books that expanded my horizons. I wanted to reignite my passion for journaling to reflect, in addition to completing the draft of my book. I wanted to continue blogging. Lastly, I wanted to embrace the TRANSFORM mindset- being the best ME I can BE!

Be Active and Healthy

This goal was the one that I struggled the most with in 2020. Getting COVID really knocked me out so I needed to do better in 2021. As of today, I have tracked all 21 days and been much more active overall. This has resulted in me losing in a few pounds (8 lbs. since winter break started), but more than the weight on the scale, I just feel better and that's the most important thing. If I continue these habits, the weight will go away. I will transform my body in 2021!

Everyday Learn Something New and Reflect and Grow, including Blogging Regularly,

Every day in 2021, I have read for 10-15 minutes and worked on my writing (journaling, blogging or my book manuscript) for at least 30 minutes. This has been so inspirational for me! I have finished 3 books so far this year and am half way through my fourth book, DivergentEDU by Mandy Froehlich. Here are the books I have finished:

  • Empowered at a Distance by John Spencer

  • Road to Awesome by Darrin Peppard

  • Unlocking Unlimited Potential by Dr. Brandon Beck

In addition, I have finished my book manuscript and written seven blog posts including this one so far. Wow!

Living the TRANSFORM Mindset!

Living the TRANSFORM mindset has been pivotal during these first three weeks. Here's how:

  • I signed a publishing contract to TRANSFORM my manuscript into a published book with Road to Awesome LLC!

  • I have been blogging about every three days.

  • I have been accepted to present at five virtual conferences in early 2021.

    • AIMS Conference in Illinois, NCTies2021, NJeCC 2021, EdTechRVA 2021, and WoCoTech Summit 2021

  • I began participating in the Teach Better Administrator Mastermind and began using Voxer.

  • I presented at my first PTA meeting about digital citizenship.

  • I completely renovated my website and got it a domain name, TannenbaumTech.

  • I participated in a Teachers on Fire Roundtable discussion on YouTube!

Wow- Not bad for just 21 days? I can't wait to see where embracing the TRANSFORM mindset takes me in the next 21 days! But none of this happened alone- it was all supported my #PLN, my family especially my husband and my amazing colleagues.