This past week, I presented at the  two amazing virtual conferences: BCSSTEAM and ideaU. Both of these conferences are great examples of how districts and state organizations can offer virtual learning options to their members, I really enjoyed presenting at both of these conferences as I ended my summer presentation schedule. For the next couple of weeks, I will be in Back to School mode. Tomorrow, teachers return on contract for preservice week and I am very excited about the work we have planned for this upcoming year. Being my second year at my school and my sixth year as a tech coach, I can't wait to dig deeper into coaching cycles with my colleagues this upcoming year.

Reviewing what are the ABCs of Transforming Learning are-

ABCs of Transforming Learning graphic

Two weeks ago, I shared a blog post called X = eXplore the Connection Between UDL and Tech Tools. This is not the first time that I have mentioned UDL or Universal Design for Learning in this blog series. So why revisit it, you may ask.  As educators, we can leverage tech tools to provide UDL for our students. This levels the playing field for our students and provides all of our students access to learning..

This week, we will focus on Y= Yield Better Digital Learning with these Tips. As we begin the school year, it can be easy to go directly into content (after all, we have so much of it to cover, right?) However, I believe that if we want our students to be better digital learners, we need to provide them first with a strong foundation using proper digital habits and also ensure that we, as educators, use tools to promote creation with them.

Y = Yield Better Digital Learning with These Tips

It's Back to School time and as every year starts, we begin the year by handing our students digital devices. After all, most districts are one to one now and these devices have become part of our classroom instruction. In my district, we also use them for assessment and as a tech coach, I help not only prepare these devices, but also to distribute them and go over basic guidelines for use.  It is my job to help not only the educators I work with, but also the students, to use these devices in meaningful ways to promote and amplify student learning. Easier said than done sometimes- but it is an achievable task. Check out these 2 tips to get you started.

Consider Using Common Sense Media's Device Collection

This year, I am so excited to see Common Sense Media sharing an amazing resource that addresses many of these concerns. Created for Grades K-5, but adaptable to any grade, Common Sense Media has created four 20 min lessons that are perfect for Back to School. This collection of lessons are a great way to set up your digital learning environments for success.

They include:

Select Tech Tools That have the 3 Cs of Creation

When I share both my Empowering Our Youngest Scholars to Create session and my Empowering Creation with the 3 Cs session, I always make sure to emphasize my three 3 Cs of Creation. What do you mean by 3 Cs, you might be wondering. These are not the four Future Ready Cs, but a guide to help educators determine the best tools to use with their students to promote creation.

They include:

Programs That Have The 3 Cs

There are several programs that have the 3 Cs but in this week's post, I plan to focus on my top 4 recommendations. 

They include:

Wixie and The 3 Cs

Book Creator and The 3 Cs

Flip and The 3 Cs

Canva and The 3 Cs

Next Steps

Take some time to see how the tech tips can help you yield better results with digital learning.  

I would love to hear about it in the comments.