As you sit here reading this blog post, I am a few post foot surgery. The past two weeks have been crazy. I fell on a slippery curb running to get my jacket during KIss and Ride on May 9th. After trying to get through the day on my hurt right foot, I went to Urgent Care and found out that my injury was more severe than I thought it was. The next day, I learned that my foot was broken and required surgery,  This was not the way I expected to spend Mother's Day or my birthday this past Saturday.   

But now sitting here post surgery, I am looking at it all differently. At the beginning of the month, I began a new health journey to take control of my health. Since then, I have lots about 10 pounds. So when I got injured, my normal response before this would have been to eat whatever I wanted; but not this time, with so many other things in my life feeling out of my control, I could stay on top of this. So I have stayed on my new program and am excited about what's to come. This journey was sparked by a connection I made on social media, which leads perfectly to this week's blog post.

Reviewing what are the ABCs of Transforming Learning are-

Two weeks ago, I shared a blog post called  R = Renew and Reboot Student Engagement.  This time of the year as we hit the final stretch of the year, it can be challenging not get complacent and just call it in. After all, you have prepared your students for any state testing, taught your curriculum and before you know it, it will be summer break. This week's blog post took a different approach. What if we looked at this time as an opportunity- a time to try new things to renew and reboot student engagement. Maybe pilot something new.

This week, we will focus on  S = Seek Connections to Grow Your PLN. As educators, none of us can do this alone.  Even now as I recover from my surgery at home, I am so grateful for all of the connections I have in my PLN. I appreciate all of  your DMs, your replies to my posts, your likes, and more,  I am part of so many communities that support and nurture each other professionally and even personally. 

ABCs of Transforming Learning graphic

S = Seek Connections to Grow Your PLN

According to Edublogs, "a PLN or Professional/Personal Learning Network are a group of people that support your ongoing learning." They can be face to face or virtual contacts. For many educators like me, many of our virtual connections with our PLN were made during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was essential to stay connected with other educators as we navigated unchartered territory. These connections became strong for many of us, so as we have been able to start connecting with these virtual connections in real life, these meetings are accompanied by hugs and the occasional scream of delight. We never know when these connections will lead to something more. In 2019, I met my publisher on Twitter and in 2020, he published my first book that turned 2 yesterday.  Last month at the end of April after reading a Facebook post from a member of my PLN, Michele Corbat, I reached out to her and began my new health journey. As I begin my second day of my 48th year, I am so proud of how I am developing the healthy mindset that I have been searching for the past 8 years, but struggled to maintain.

Consider connecting with the Teach Better Team

I believe that I first connected with the Teach Better team in 2019 and  this organization is truly a game changer. My first connection with the team was  during their #MasteryChat on Thursday nights. This chat, which later became #TeachBetterchat, no longer exists, but it filled my Thursday nights with amazing connections and lots of great learning.  Later on, I started to listen to the Teach Better Talk podcast and made even more connections- I even got to record an episode on this podcast in May 2020! During the COVID shutdown, this team was really present for educators. They held Daily Drop In live streams 5 days a week and started doing 24 hour live streams. During one of those live streams, I first heard about becoming a Teach Better ambassador and applied. I am so proud to be one of the 20 inaugural members of this group,

There are so many ways to get connected with the Teach Better team- check them out below,

Listen to a podcast

The Teach Better Team has such an amazing  podcast network. So many of the podcasts that I listen to are part of this network. Some of my favorites include:

But there are tons more. Check them on the Teach Better Podcast Network

Join the Teach Better Team Facebook Group:

If you haven't joined the Teach Better Team Facebook group yet, you definitely should. Every Sunday, there is a live stream show exclusively for the Teach Better Team Facebook group and it is a great way to get connected:

Check out the Teach Better Blog

If you haven't yet, check out the Teach Better blog site. There are so many amazing blogs on this site. For a while, I was blogging on this site and I hope to get back into blogging with them again soon. Check it out here:

See how you can build your PLN with TannenbaumTech

It means so much to me that you are reading this blog. This is also a great way to start getting connected. I hope that each week, this brings value to you as an educator, Here are some other ways that you can get connected with TannenbaumTech.

Consider joining the TannenbaumTech Facebook Page

If you haven't already, join my TannenbaumTech Facebook Page. It is a great way to connect with other educators to build your PLN while learning more about "transforming learning with technology." Join using this link:

Empowering Student Voice: A Tech Tool Boot Camp

Starting on June 12th, I am partnering with Constellation Learning to offer a 4 week summer online course. Want to learn more about it, check out the description below.

What opportunities do you provide for your students to share their voices? Are you communicating that their voices matter? How do you create learning experiences that empower learners?

In this four week online course, you will learn easy ways using technology tools such as Book Creator, Flip, Pear Deck and Wixie to give your students opportunities to share their voices in interactive ways. See how empowering student voice connects to Universal Design for Learning and discover how student voices develp the ISTE Standards for Students .

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How will you seek connections to grow your PLN?

Think about what I shared and consider how you will seek connections to grow your PLN.Maybe you try one of the ideas mentioned here. Or maybe you have another fabulous idea. I would love for you to share them with me.