New Year, New Challenges- 1/4/20

My #oneword2020 Graphic

During vacations, self care is just simply easier. You don't need to get up when it's dark and leave for work as the sun rises. You aren't leaving work as the sun sets. Your days are more flexible and you have more choices in your daily schedule. So you can imagine that I am a little concerned as I get ready to return back to school. I have been working on the CHALLENGE of establishing better self care habits. Seven days in, changes have started to happen.

  • My journal has become my new best friend.

  • I have been exercising more regularly- loving being out in nature.

  • I have been blogging regularly and even participating in the #edublogyear challenge.

  • I have been reading a lot and sharing inspiration in the #bookyourself challenge.

  • I have even been writing a draft of a book about educational technology.

I truly feel "on fire" and inspired. So what happens on Monday morning?

During break, one of the blog posts I read that influenced me was Mandy Froehlich's Four Types of Self Care. The quote to the left was included in the bottom of this post. Wow- what a wonderful way to look at self care. Wow- what a concept- when we neglect our own self care, we are "breaking promises to ourselves. Froehlich continues by sharing four types of self care and explaining each of them. As I read about each type, I compared each of these types to my CHALLENGE goals.

1. Emotional: things that help you feel balanced

          • When I journal regularly, I feel balanced

2. Physical: anything you do to support the way your body functions

          • When I eat healthy and exercise regularly, it helps my body to function better.

3. Intellectual: anything you do to support your brain and thought processes

          • When I read to learn, connect with my #PLN, and listen to podcasts, it helps support my brain and thought processes.

4. Spiritual: things you do that help you strive to be a better person

          • When I journal, blog, share things I am grateful for and enjoy nature, it helps me to be a better person.

This past week, George Couros shared this post sharing why people keep going based on Anna Vital's post titled "Why People Give Up."

I printed this graphic out and pasted it in my journal. This way if my resolve falters, I can look at this and remember strategies that others use to keep going. I can use these strategies to engineer my environment for success. I can set up a routine where I center myself with my CHALLENGES each day.

Dave Burgess recently shared in his blog post, Second Wind, "You have to be willing to persist long enough to get your second wind." I can and will do this. I know that some mornings that I won't want to get out of bed and do my morning routine, but I will because of how good it feels afterwards.

So as I get ready to transition back to school, I need to make my CHALLENGE goals a priority. I need to keep my promises to myself and continue my pursuit of CHALLENGE. Who knows where this will lead? It will be a process, with unknown products. But I am ready and willing to take that and all CHALLENGES!