A Season of "Resets"- 10/13/19

This past Saturday, I participated in a Twitter chat #pd4uandme. This week's topic was all about blogging. As we began the chat, we were asked to share our blog. When I went to mine, I realized it had been almost a month since I had last blogged. Wow- I was shocked that it had been so long.

What had caused me to stop blogging for almost a month?

I want to say "life", but that seems awfully simplistic. From the middle of September until early last week, I had been battling bronchontis- first impending bronchitis and then lingering bronchitis- I didn't even know types of bronchitis existed. Just getting to work was a struggle, the idea of having enough energy to blog was beyond me. So each weekend when I used to blog, I ended up in bed.

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."

This led me to think about other "resets" in my life. What other journeys have I been working on a "reset". Then, it hit me- this isn't just about blogging, but about balance. That balance includes making time for both my blogging journey and my self care journey.

1. My Blogging Journey

Why did I start blogging? I started blogging because the more I read about innovation, the more important I realized reflection was. That's why I took the leap and began blogging in February 2019. Over the last couple months, I have gotten so much from blogging. Between sharing reflection on books and ISTE and much more, I love sharing my thoughts no matter who ends up reading it.

2. My Self Care Journey

Taking care of yourself is easier said than done. The past few weeks, self care has been a challenge. When you feel sick, eating the right thing and being active is a challenge. But now that I am finally feeling better, I need to dedicate more time to taking care of myself.

The past week, I set two small goals to help me on this journey. I decided to track my food at least 4 days and get in some activity at least 3 days. As I ended the week, I was so proud that I ended up tracking food all seven days and gotten in activity 4 days. What a great reset, but now I need to keep it up.

Being an educator is a constant balancing act. Each day is a new opportunity. I am going into this week with a positive mindset and ready to embrace the possibilities.

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