Eulogy to the Tech Tools Left Behind in Round 1- March 4, 2019

During VES March Madness, three unfortunate tools were left behind in Round 1 voting. Although not as popular or as well-known, I believe these tools deserve some attention too. Next week's blog will focus on the tools left behind in Round 2 Voting.

Padlet: This tool is a truly great collaboration tool and is so easy to use. It is essentially a online bulletin board that students and teachers can use in so many ways.

  • Students can post comments, videos, audio and photos.

  • It is a freemium product. Teachers get 3 free Padlets with their Google and Outlook accounts.

  • Want to learn more, look at my Padlet and Pickup Treats training.

Padlet and Pick Up Treats
Eating Good with EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle: All of our students love videos and EdPuzzle allows you to make any video interactive.

  • You can search tons of premade videos or make your own.

  • You can add in multiple choice and open-ended questions.

  • You can check to see what progress your students have made.

  • You can crop videos and even add your own voice to meet your students' needs.

  • Want to learn more, look at my Eating Good with EdPuzzle training.

Twitter: This tech tool is truly a game changer. I have to admit I was really skeptical at first. I thought Twitter was only for inflated politicians. I truly didn't understand why my school last year was promoting it so. But I took a leap of faith and listened to my previous principal @tchrwithatitle and it paid off.

Why use Twitter?

  • Free professional development

  • Opportunity to connect with educators around the world and build a Professional Learning Network (#PLN)

  • Window for highlighting student success and successes

  • Promote your school and all the great things you do.

  • You can participate in online Twitter chats with others in your field or even a Twitter book study.

  • Want to learn more, look at my Tweet and Eat training.

“Tweet and Eat”

So don't count these tools out, there are still some very powerful tools that can transform your teaching, one icon at a time.