Wow, I didn't know Wixie Could Do That- March 19,2019

When I became a School Based Technology Specialist, there were some apps and programs I knew very well. I was a #GoogleforEdu gal and had just got Level 1 Certified. But, there were definitely some programs that I was not as proficient in. If I could use Google Suite, why would I need anything else?

So I went and got myself a copy of Google Apps for Littles. One day, while working with my first graders and teaching them how to duplicate shapes on Google Slides, one student told me this was just like using Wixie. This started my journey about learning Wixie.

A few weeks later, I was talking to one of the Ed Tech Specialists @TammiSisk and mentioned wanting to learn more about Wixie. She encouraged me to contact @MarianMartin, which I did and we set up a time to meet. I learned a lot that day from her about the program, but more than that, I left with a sense of openness towards the program and the confidence to take risks with it.

There is so much about Wixie that I have learned since then. Thanks @MEATRT for all the helpful ideas during #EdCampNoVa. I love how when I tweet out things I use with for, there is always feedback from the @Tech4Learning staff and retweets. I also love how many others freely share uses for #Wixie. So, here are some tweeting highlights- did you know Wixie could do that?

Well, I didn't before all this! I discover new things about this program all the time. It truly enables me to demonstrate a growth mindset and give my students a variety of tools to use for creation.

So today, I was so excited to get an email from @Tech4Learning- I am officially a @Tech4Learning Innovative Educator! That's a long way from where I started...but my journey with #Wixie is far from over!