Eulogy to the Tech Tools Left Behind in Round 2- March 13, 2019

Note: Due to my daughter's amazing Bat Mitzvah, this blog is slightly delayed- but ready to go:)

During VES March Madness, three unfortunate tools were left behind in Round 2 voting. These tools are amazing and deserve some love and recognition for all the great things they help us do.

Flipgrid: Flipgrid is simple to use and powerful.

  • It gives voice to all

  • It is a safe place to practice.

  • There are sticky notes for students to gather their thoughts.

  • It promotes metacognition and builds community

  • Use it for book talks, visible thinking routines, reflections, goal setting, parent teacher conferences and so much more.

Want to learn more, look at my Flipgrid and Flapjacks training.

Flipgrid and Flapjacks

Google Docs: This tool is a truly great collaboration tool and is so easy to use.

  • Students can work collaboratively on documents.

  • You can access your files anywhere. It works everywhere.

  • You can embed the content you create there anywhere using the Publish button.

  • You can insert hyperlinks into your documents

  • There are amazing add-ons you can use to super charge your Google Docs use

Google Forms: This tech tool is truly amazing. It allows you to create amazing formative assessments in minutes and so much more.

  • Use templates to make professional looking forms.

  • You can make forms quizzes for easy grading.

  • Add pictures and YouTube videos to your form.

  • You can easily look at student responses in the Responses tab.

  • Using the branching feature, you can even create Choose Your Own Adventure stories for students.

  • Use for sign ups and invitations

  • Use to flip your classroom using electronic worksheets.