What is your BHAG?- 7/9/19

This summer, I joined the PD4uandme Bloggers. We are a group of educators who support each other as we blog about being educators and its impact on each of us. So when July started, the group introduced Blogging Bingo. Of course, I loved this idea and decided to get started right away.

My first entry was about Innovative Pedagogy and shared my reflections on #WanderlustEdu by Micah Shippe. So when the #8weeksofsummer blogging challenge question for the week also dealt with goals- it seemed meant to be. What are my goals for 2019-2020 and what is my Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) in particular?

This post is week 5 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.

What is my Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

Before I could determine my BHAG, I wanted to think about some of the goals I have for the upcoming school year. The first ones that came to mind were professional. So I listed them out and then spent some time looking at them.

Part of me wanted becoming a Google Innovator to be my BHAG; but something stopped me. Maybe part of me doesn't feel like I will get it on the first try and that's my hesitation there. So I watched Jim Collins' video again and I suddenly knew my BHAG. It is a mountain that I want to conquer and will encompass my other goals:

Get Google Trainer Certification

Why choose this goal for my BHAG?

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer is an accomplishment that I have been working towards for over a year. It started last summer by getting Level 1 Google certification and then last winter, I got Level 2 Google certification.

In May, I decided to sign up for Kasey Bell's course to be a Google Certified Trainer. When I did, I realized that to be a GCE Trainer, not only did I need to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment but I also need to prove my proficiency as a Google Trainer. I needed to show a history of Google trainings that were customized to my participants and took into account their prior skill level and illiciting feedback afterwards. I had done some Google trainings but not to that degree.

This reflection was powerful and has set my BHAG in place. Most of my other goals related to this BHAG.

How do my other goals contribute to my BHAG?

1. Build relationships with my new staff

Starting as a School Based Technology Specialist at a new school building relationships is essential. I can't wait to meet my new staff and get to know them. This year, I hope to be able to meet with the teachers in my school and do more coaching as part of my Professional Learning options. I believe this will help me to better get to know my teachers and help them learn technology that will amplify their learning goals for their students.

2. Take risks and be more social

My other goal to take risks and be more social will also support this. When I was at ISTE this summer, I took more risks. I didn't just go to sessions and then go back to my hotel. I went to evening events every night. Before each of these events, my inner introvert was nervous, but I didn't let her win. I went to an Educational Podcast Meetup on Sunday night and a concert afterwards with people I met. Monday night, I went to Flipgrid Live and the Speakeasy afterwards. Tuesday night, I went to a Schoology meetup and then to EdTech Karoake. What I learned from these experiences was that I not only formed some amazing relationships with fellow FCPS SBTS during these events, but also felt more self confident and connected. Doing this next year will not only better my relationships with my staff, but help me grow and stretch myself.

3. Present at VSTE

Presenting at VSTE might seem at first not to match my BHAG, but I want to find a way to link my love for Google Suite for Education to my presentation. This will enable me to add to my capacity as a Google Trainer. In addition, I am hoping to collaborate with someone from my new school as I take this new risk.

4. Blog for an entire year

Blogging for the past few months has been such an amazing reflective experience. My goal is to continue blogging for the 2019-2020 school year. Through this process, I was be able to evaluate my impact as a tech coach and adjust as needed. This also enables me to share the great work my staff and students are creating.

BHAG, here I come! I am determined to reach you- even if it takes more than 1 try. You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take, so here's to my first shot!

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