Moving Forward - 7/31/19

This post is week 8 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.

Moving Forward

What will you keep from the #8WeekofSummer Blog Challenge moving forward?

Participating in a summer blogging challenge has been really great experience. It has enabled me to take this summer to really focus on my professional growth in a new way. Each week, I looked forward to seeing what the new prompt would be and couldn't wait to get started each way.

Unlike my other blog posts, having a preset topic freed me up in a way and allowed me to think more deeply about the questions. Here are some of the most impactful posts for me this summer.

1. What is your BHAG?

Thinking about all of my goals and then selecting a BHAG was really key for me. It enabled me to really frame my own professional learning for the year and see how all of my smaller goals contributed to this BHAG. Going through this process let me determine my priority for myself. As a tech coach, I spend a lot of time thinking about others' goals and this allowed me to focus more on my own.

2. Designing a Plan 2 Change 4 The Year

Starting at a new school, I have been very conscious of how I want to approach the year. This post really resonated with me, especially since I have been reading Relentless by Hamish Brewer. Last year, I came into my role with a lot of ideas premade. This year, I really want to be "an archeologist" and provide my stakeholders a voice in their Professional Learning.

3. Building Educators 2.0

There have been so many steps in my journey as an educator. Writing this post allowed me to reflect on this wonderful journey that I have been on. It helped me to fully see some of the pivotal moments that have framed me as an educator. Each step took me closer to the connected educator that I am today. I love being a connected educator. I love learning and collaborating with other educators. They have all led to me being a School Based Technology Specialist, my dream job. They have led to me beginning my blogging journey, which has been rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. They led to me going to #iste19 and so much more.

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