Team Building Ideas - 7/28/19

This summer, I joined the PD4uandme Bloggers. We are a group of educators who support each other as we blog about being educators and its impact on each of us. So when July started, the group introduced Blogging Bingo. My first entry was about Innovative Pedagogy and shared my reflections on #WanderlustEdu by Micah Shippee. My second entry was about my 2019-2020 goals. My third entry shared my reflections on Lead Like a Pirate and last week, I shared Tech Tools 2 Try 4 2019.


To complete my Bingo, this week, I will share some team building ideas. As July turns into August, the beginning of school is not far off. As a tech coach, I am primarily looking at these ideas as ways to engage my staff in team building but these activities could work with students as well.

1. #Fliphunts

Taking a leap of faith here and starting with the team building idea that is on the top of my list to try this fall. As the image on the right shares, "a fliphunt is a digital scavenger hunt using Flipgrid." It was created by Kathy Kersznowski. What a great way to build collaboration and teamwork skills that to go on a scavenger hunt. As a tech coach, this accomplishes two goals: one- it builds up your school culture by working together to meet a goal and two- teachers learn how to use @flipgrid. Do a search for #fliphunt for more examples and look for mine coming soon.

2. STE(A)M Challenges

These activities are not just for our students. All of us can benefit from working together on STE(A)M challenges. What I love about this idea is that not only do you work collaboratively to solve a problem, but it also employs creativity and perseverance. Need some STE(A)M ideas, check out the #STEM or #STEAM hashtag on Twitter for ideas.

3. Digital Breakouts

This is another new idea that I want to try this fall. While at #iste19, I took a session on Making Digital Breakouts using Google Sites and Google Forms. I definitely want to try making one of these, but there are many already made. Think about the collaboration, perseverance and critical thinking skills needed to work together to solve a digital breakout. In addition, what a great way to model an engaging use of both Google Sites and Forms.

Here is a link to a few premade examples from Tom Mullaney:

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