E + R = O Update- July 2, 2019

In my June 20 blog, "Creative Reactions", I shared how after being half destaffed in March due to enrollment decreases, I was struggling to find that right reaction that would lead me to the outcome that I wanted. Jake Miller shares often on his podcast that E+R=O (Event+Reaction= Outcome) The event of being destaffed- what kind of reaction could lead to the outcome I wanted. This led me to think about what outcome I truly want professionally and ask these questions:

  • What is my career goal?

  • What do I want my impact to be?

  • How can I empower others like so many have empowered me?

As I left for #ISTE19, all of these thoughts swirled around my head. I already knew that I wanted to be in a creative and collaborative environment, but was searching for whether that meant staying where I was or taking a new risk.

As I have shared in other posts, #ISTE19 was a phenomenal experience. I learned so much from both sessions and conversations with other educators. I might have left Northern Virginia, feeling a little deflated and unsure. But this was not how I returned. I can't express how much the positive energy there meant to me. When I shared my "situation," so many people reminded me that when one door closes, another one opens. Others shared that they had far more than 2 schools. Through these conversations, I was energized and felt confident that things would work out. If you were one of the many people who cheered me on at #ISTE19, thank you.

So I left #ISTE19 renewed and ready to find my "just right" job. I had seen a few more openings pop up while I was at ISTE and during ISTE, I got a call from Sangster Elementary School to interview. I was excited about applying what I had learned as I continued this process.

I arrived at home Wednesday night around 8 pm and my interview was at 10:30 am the next day. Not surprisingly, I went right to bed and woke up early the next day. I used that time to prep for my interview. First, I was so impressed by all the great information shared about the school. In addition, I noticed that this school not only had Common Sense Education recognition, but was a Model PLC school.

The interview went so well. I clearly shared my vision and my goal as a SBTS. I wasn't trying to just get a "job," but find a match.

All the questions clearly materialized into what I wanted. Part of me was worried that I had been too forthwright; but part of me was proud of myself for sharing my vision for this position. In addition, although the panel asked me questions- it felt like more of a conversation. I left knowing that the school was looking for innovative ideas and wanted to work collaboratively to enhance such a culture. It was as if all of my experiences prior had prepared me for this experience.

"I will work with students to increase twenty-first century skills, but I believe that my primary role is to coach and empower teachers to use technology in innovative ways, whether through trainings, pineapple visits or embed PD. If this is what you are looking for, I am the SBTS for you."

When the librarian asked me about my views on social media's impact on school,I laughed and shared @RyanMcLane and @EricLowe's words from Your School Rocks: So Tell People About It had helped frame my views on using social media to tell your school's story in a positive light. To learn more about this amazing book, read my June 14th blog post.

Every question that was asked inspired me and as I left the interview at 11:45 AM (My interview started at 10:30), I remembered thinking the conversation, like ISTE, excited me with possibilities.

I wasn't home for long- when at 12:30, the principal called and unofficially offered me the job. Of course, I accepted. This is truly where I am supposed to be at this next stage of my journey.

I am excited and can't wait to start on July 17th. I have so many ideas after ISTE, but also am looking forward to learning from all of my new colleagues. I found that "just right" reaction with the help of my #PLN and friends at #ISTE19 and persisted in finding a job that matched my strengths. Now, I couldn't be happier with the outcome- my full time job as a SBTS at Sangster Elementary School!

E + R =O

Being destaffed + persistence with a boost from my PLN = A new job at Sangster Elementary School

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