Positive Effects of Social Media -February 9, 2019

Yesterday was College Day at my school. As I met with each of my classes, I shared with them a little about the colleges, I attended. They learned that I went to University of Maryland, College Park for my Bachelors' in Elementary Education and then to Johns Hopkins for my Masters in Technology for Educators. I received my Bachelors in 1997 and my Masters in 2002.

But I told each class, I am still learning every day. I then explained to them that I was doing 3 book studies- two on Twitter and one on Instagram. They looked at me funny- aren't Instagram and Twitter for being social and getting as many followers as you can?

They were surprised- what is very much part of their social life with their friends serves a very different purpose for me and many educators. For us, social media has revolutionized our teaching, opened doors to new learning and connected us in ways we could never imagine.

One way I could never imagine happened this Wednesday. As I was driving to school, I was listening to #eduducttape by @JakeMillerTech. (I love this show and if you haven't listened to it yet, you are missing out!) So he was interviewing Karly Moura and they were sharing ways to enhance communication and ways to add to your computer science curriculum. They shared a resource, #CSinSF, a computer science curriculum for K-8 based in San Francisco, that is accessible to anyone.

When I explored #CSinSF, I was so impressed that I decided to tweet out a thanks to @JakeMillerTech and @KarlyMoura and #CSinSF.

Look what happened...I have to admit..I am seriously "fangirling"- is that a word? THE Jake Miller responded to my post and THE Karly Moura is now following ME? Plus, @BillMarsland, who works at #CSinSF wants my feedback on his curriculum. WOW!

Wow, I need to say it again...this interaction would have never happened without Twitter. It has allowed me to learn things I never knew about like this computer science curriculum and linked me to educators around the world.

So as I work with my elementary school students, I want them to realize social media and technology can have positive effects. It gives you opportunities you could never have before.

  • You can learn from people all over the world!

  • You can read books and discuss them together!

  • You can make connections you never imagined!

  • You can share all the great stuff you are doing!