Computer Science for All? Yes, Even my Kinders:)- February 17, 2019

This past week, I took a chance and tried something new. After last week's experience with CSinSF, I decided I was going to try using the CSinSF curriculum and see how I could best make it fit for my students. I started with Kindergarten. Part of me chose Kindergarten because of my perceived lack of computer science knowledge, while another part of me now loves working with my kinders and wanted them to try this first.

So I went to the CSinSF site and decided to begin with their first unit, Unplugged Computer Science- Red. If you haven't looked at this site yet, you are definitely missing out. I did just that, and decided that I would try Lesson 1: What is a Computer. Looking at the great lesson written by @michellegleeCS, I decided to make a few modifications so that I could build my kinders' skills and also decided to invite some third and fifth grade helpers to make the process go more smoothly.

Looking at the beginning of the lesson, I want to make sure all my students got a chance to share what they knew about computers. I decided to use Flipgrid to give them all a chance to respond. If you haven't used Flipgrid yet, you are also missing out. It is an amazing video discussion platform and it's free for all educators.

The kids loved it and they all get to share their voice. Plus, my third and fifth grade helpers got such a kick out of being able to help them.

After completing their Flipgrid responses, they got to create a computer either by drawing or by using blocks. As they worked, I asked them questions like , "What makes this a computer?" and "Why did you make your computer this way?" Their answers and their creations were truly amazing.

See below to get a glimpse of their creativity. Their success energized me and made my first BIG foray into Computer Science a success- and I can't wait to see what they come up with next week.