It's seems impossible to believe that my #oneword2022 #momentum year is over. It was truly a remarkable year with so many amazing highlights. Back when I set my #oneword2022, I set four mini goals to keep my momentum going and build on it.

Out of those four mini goals, I was definitely more successful in some of the areas than others.

  • My Health Journey: In full transparency, this one was the one that I feel like I fell short in. I need to do better in this area in 2023.

  • Leadership Skills: This area was one that I feel was successful. I have grown so much as an educator through the conferences that I have attended and through my ISTE Certification journey. In addition, since I joined Team Saratoga, I have gotten many opportunities to grow in my leadership skills as well.

  • Content Creation: This year, I presented at 19 conferences, including 3 where I was a featured speaker. Plus, I published 33 blog posts and contributed a chapter to Amplifying Instructional Design. Last, I hosted my first book study with Constellation Learning.

  • Daily Reflection: I continued to reflect daily and this practice evolved into daily celebrations. This has really helped me to focus on gratitude and the blessings in my life.

Reviewing what are the ABCs of Transforming Learning are-

Two weeks ago, I shared a blog post called H = Highlight Ways That Our Students Can Use Computer Science. Another way that I pushed further out of my comfort zone this year was to build on my understanding of how my students could use computer science. In this post, I will share how I began to use computer science programs such as Scratch and Tinkercad with my students and the rewards that it brought.

This week, we will focus on I = Invest in YOU: The Power of Reflection. For the past sixteen weeks, I have focused on ways that you can transform learning. I hope that you have taken these ideas and added them to your practice. Now, we will take lessons that you have learned and take a step back. For this blog post, we will use some adapted thinking routines to help each of us reflect on the year that just ended and the year that is starting.

I = Invest in YOU: The Power of Reflection

The two thinking routines that I will be sharing with you I have been adapted to use for reflection.

  • The first one, Compass Points, has you first share what excited you about 2022. Next, you share what worried you about 2022. You finish up the thinking routine by identifying what you need to remember about 2022 and what your stance on 2022 is.

  • The second one, Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate, has you first brainstorm all and any ideas that come to mind when you think of 2023. Next, you sort them based on their importance. Ideas most central go in the middle. After you make connections between ideas. Finally, you elaborate any of the ideas you shared.

Reflect on 2022: Compass Points

  • What excited me about 2022?

This year was so exciting. I got the opportunity to present at so many amazing conferences. I learned so much as I embarjed on my ISTE certification journey. Plus, Tannenbaum Tech LLC took off with several paid jobs and I paid off my book costs.

  • What worried me at 2022?

My biggest worry looking back was my health and weight. I had high hopes that this was going to be the year I got that all together, but that didn't happen. I need to figure this out in 2023.

  • What do I need to remember about 2022?

I need to remember the importance of taking care of myself and make time for that. Working on my professional growth is important and so is my personal well being.

  • What was my stance on 2022?

2022 overall was a great year for me. I definitely maintained and built momentum throughout the year.

Look Forward to 2023:

Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate

  • What ideas come to my mind when I think about 2023?

Lots of ideas came to mind including ideas to build my business, develop a healthier lifestyle, build family relationships and develop my school community

  • Sort your ideas by how central they are

As I moved my ideas together, they formed 4 central areas.

  • Connect your ideas together

I then connected my ideas together on my organizer.

  • Add any new ideas or thoughts you have about 2023

That's when the word: DEVELOP came to me.

Introducing my #oneword2023: DEVELOP

To develop means to grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.

As I considered my Generate, Sort, Connect, and Elaborate organizer, I noticed that the ideas I shared could for the most part be sorted or grouped into 4 categories- for my business, for my school community, for my health and for my family. As I further delved into these categories, I noticed that these were all areas that I want to grow or advance in my life.

The more I thought about it, the more, develop seemed just right for 2023. I want to take these categories, these special areas and people in my life and advance them to the next level.